Wednesday, June 20, 2012

who wants a cupcake?

Shitty game of Twister. I really didnt want to play.

Ass Mass

Aye Caramba!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Video Editing Software

Although I am just a noob, I am looking for some good video editing software for throwing together some videos. Is corel anygood? any other suggestion .... Fart.
Well, I had a fantastic time at st. marys hospital last night. I had to go in because i had a softball sized lump on my tailbone. It hurt like hell. Quite an experience I had. While laying, er, sitting, and waiting for the doctor, I got to listen to an old lady screaming to GET HER OUT OF THERE, come to find out, she was senile and the nurses told me that she had a prosthetic leg. My suggestion was to beat her with it. Anyways, back to me, So, a softball sized lump you ask? Yes, on my tailbone, a polinoidal cyst to be exact. Ive never had to drop trough and have someone feel on my ass. But, for some reason, It wasnt too bad. The dr sliced that fucker .... what a relief, but, the smell was SO UNGODLY AWFUL.... Trust me people, if you ever get one, they suck. But on a positive note, my ass is freshly shaved.


Throbbin's Wacky World is probably NSFW. :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

condom AD

exploding sea vagina

Any suggestions or request of goofy ass stuff. You want it, ill find it.
Me mememememe

Hello and welcome.

Well hello everyone. I had to start this page because of my everyday observations of life. If I am not finding something wacky going on in person, im finding it online. Please enjoy, hope to give you all some laughs. Again, thanks for checking out my page