Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Boobie Bubble

I love Melons

Just some Goats....In a tree.

Mmm Das icht sexy

Gold Chain Bubblegum anyone??

Mmm DSL's

The Bourne Christmas Sweater

Irony at its finest.

You're invited!

When Rylee is waiting for a party in his mouth, he cracks open a seagrams "calypso cooler" to make sure everybody cumms.

Thanks bro!

Looks like he's happy he got away with murder. George Zimmerman in a O.J. tshirt is the pic I really want.

Need to lose a few pounds???

Just get Ayds.

Everyone say hello to new co-admin

Rylee Rye One Third of the power group, The Shittz

Shiny Strawberry